Who’s afraid of decaf?

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Before becoming a roaster, I could never figure out the reason for decaffeinate coffee. My logic was that people usually drink coffee or espresso for the caffeine fix, so why anyone would drink decaf coffee. Would it not just defeat the purpose of drinking coffee? Did it taste horrible? I even saw shirts that said, “Not today decaf”, which further made it seem that decaf was unwanted. However, I finally decided to open my mind and do some research for myself. During my research, I realized I was not drinking coffee just for the caffeine fix, but that I quite rather liked the taste of different coffee types.

A few months ago, my husband was advised by his doctor to drink “half caf” or decaf coffee to help manage his blood pressure. His grandmother received the same advice last year. It’s kind of difficult to avoid coffee when your wife is a coffee roaster, so I began to explore the world of decaf choices. Keeping his healthin mind, I set out to find an option that would satisfy his coffee habit and comply with the doctor’s wishes. Enter the GALAXY DECAF BLEND! After several blends, tastings, and frustrations, we finally found the right flavor profile. We both think it’s delicious and can’t wait to share it with you all.

Our GALAXY DECAF BLEND will be available on the site late November. If you or someone you love has blood pressure issues, is sensitive to caffeine, or just wants to try something new, be sure to sign up for our newsletter so you’ll know when it’s available

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